Thru His vessel JB

Since I was three years old, I proclaimed going towards the destination of being an artist. Growing up , also throughout college, I've worked with all types of media, papier mache, clay, water colour, oil and acrylics paint. My primary work of art is through drawing and painting since it is was and still is the most accessible at my disposal.

However, I made a left on the crossroads of becoming a counselor, eventually obtaining a Masters in Counseling. However, the love of art never left em. As I worked part time- and full time jobs with a background in counseling, I continue to pursue art making, creating over 500 works over the past 8 years. Many of these works are a manifestation of my faith and demonstrate the vibrancy of colors through Biblical inspiration. A majority of the work are also serial, utilizing visual storytelling, works can be purchased individually but ideal as a whole.

I am currently working on my own business that incorporates encouraging people through the visual arts; live painting events, intimate painting sessions and my own art work.