Mi Ok Bruining

I am a Korean American woman, who identifies as an Asian American feminist.
I was born in South Korea in 1960, and adopted to the U.S. when I was five years old.
I am also an accomplished artist, award-winning poet and published writer.
Additionally, I am a practicing licensed clinical social worker.
More importantly, I am left-handed, vertically challenged and drive a rare 1996 4x4 Suzuki X-90.

I started drawing as soon as I learned what a pencil was and could do, at five years old.
I continued drawing throughout childhood, adolescence and young adulthood.

Having failed miserably at art school, I dropped out, utterly heartbroken, crushed and defeated, 
I abandoned art for 10 years. I discovered writing poetry instead, of which 30 of my poems got published between 1990 – 2000. Between 2000 – 2008, I accepted the occasional pet portrait commission and completed a greeting card series of 40 images which I sold to friends and a few craft shows.

In 2008 when I joined a figure drawing group in Westport, MA after returning to live in RI again.
Eventually, I joined figure groups on Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday mornings, Thursday afternoons, and Saturday mornings. The Wednesday morning group is my permanent group, as my work schedule prevents me from participating in the other weekday groups.

Joan Miro (a famous artist quoted), "Drawing is like taking a line for a walk."

When I draw, I am still learning how to take a line for a walk. 
The walk I take is a journey into my soul when I draw.

I accept commissioned pet portraits of canines, equines and felines, as well as other creatures.

I also enthusiastically teach drawing privately and in groups, focusing on line, perspective, proportion, composition, negative space and depth.

I have taught drawing classes at Westport Art Group in Westport, MA,
Wickford Art Association, in Wickford, RI, and Taunton Art Association in Taunton, MA.

I specialize in drawing the human figure (especially hands and feet), and human portraits.

Please follow me at www.instagram.com/averyfinecoloredline
Please contact me at averyfinecoloredline@gmail.com