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Keely Jane


Contemporary, Mixed Media, Upcycling artist born in Telluride Colorado and currently living in Albuquerque New Mexico. Artistic and creative since she was a toddler, Keely has spent her entire life dabbling in a variety of art mediums, both visual and decorative; Drawing, painting, poetry, glass blowing, pottery, photography, interior design, fashion design and jewelry making, to name a few.

Keely recently got into buying broken jewelry at auctions and began repairing, remaking and reinventing it and that is where her broken jewelry and broken necklace chain collages were born. 
Inspired by the years she spent as a child with her grandmother who never threw anything away. "She made something out of anything. She taught me that everything can be made into something beautiful. Everything is art. When you're working with broken and discarded materials there is no shortage of supplies. I could go a million directions, not only with jewelry, but with random odds and ends that I come across daily. 


"The idea of giving objects new life is what inspires me because the possibilities are endless and my creative mind thrives." -Keely Jane 

Keely was recently selected to feature her artwork in the ART Santa Fe 2019 expo alongside some of the nations top galleries, art dealers, and established independent artists from the Santa Fe area, across the U.S. and around the world.  

You can keep up with her latest art works by following her on Instagram @brilliantnotbroken

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