Jordan Beecham

My art is a representation of my favorite stories in many forms of media. What gets me inspired is film that is authentic to life. From an early age I became fascinated with film and making art. My earliest work was inspired by films like the Matrix. In recent years I still draw creativity from that form films, television, video games, and realism. I like to capture the core of what draws people into storytelling. 

What has always motivated me is this internal compass of what looks beautiful compositions that speak to me making my images as realistic as possible. Detail is something I have a great appreciation for, and I want my audience to see that in my body of work. I draw much of my inspiration from top tier concept artists, they have an amazing attention to detail and design sensibilities. I see my art as still in a period of growth I enjoy taking chances and exploring the pairing of realism and the abstract, what I make is influenced by great stories.

My passion for drawing started at an early age, during my grade school years a spent a lot of my time experimenting with pencil, ink, painting using acrylics, and watercolor. After graduating high school, I Attended Savannah College of Art and design, there I Studied Sequential Art. After Graduating in 2014 I went on to do some film & television work. I illustrated for a film 10 Cloverfield Lane. In 2016 I started my artist Instagram page and since then I moved to Colorado to gain more life experience. From there I spent time working as a Field tech for a company that surveys facilities for accessibility this taught me a greater appreciation for my life; and why buildings as designed with such rigid standards. When I wasn’t working, I spent much of my time honing my skills and improving my abilities both with traditional means of creating art and using digital programs to render my pieces. I now live in Atlanta where I am closer to the industry, I have had a great passion of, for as long as I can remember which film and television is. It is my mission to bring together my two passions, coalescing in working as a storyboard/concept artist capacity on film and television projects.