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Betsy Usher


Betsy Usher (1983) is a Fort Collins Colorado based artists specializing in mixed media and abstract works of art. She has been creating art for the past three years using stacked textures inspired by industrial and metal materials. Usher creates dynamic layered works of art in the categories of steampunk, industrial, abstract, and collage. She finds inspiration from repurposed materials and creates unique and complex works of art. All works are hand made and created by her. Usher’s works are relatively large and her risk taking materials give the works of art a head turning experience. Usher is a self-taught artists, drawing her inspiration from Basquiat, H.R. Giger, & Ai Weiwei. Usher’s style came by accident after struggling to find the funds to create her art she snuck into her father’s workroom and garage space and stumbled into a wondrous world of copper pipes, metal sheets, scrap metal, painters tools, and endless materials for her works. Gathering the materials Usher began to make her art inspired by each new repurposed material she discovered. Not knowing half of what she was gluing onto her canvas she was able to dream up new inventions for each scrap part or tool. Usher’s dedication and compulsion to making art drives her to create daily, to take risks, and to free her unconscious mind through her work.